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Blood pressure

The Blood Pressure Program Review: Does it Work?

The Blue Heron Blood Pressure Program created by Christian Goodman is a highly effective program that provides a client with various techniques in order to help them lower blood pressure over time and reach the optimal 120/80 number.

The program includes 3 different exercise techniques as well as a 13-page manual that leads the customer into understanding the underlying causes of hypertension.

The first exercise goes through the benefits of a specific method of walking and how this can help with blood pressure issues.

The second exercise has to do with emotion and the interconnectedness of emotion with your health.

The third and final exercise will go over meditation, breathing, and muscle exercises in order for the customer to reach complete relaxation.

The Pros:

  • You don’t need to visit a specific gym for the three exercises which guarantees following these from the comfort of your own home
  • There’s an audio file option if you prefer
  • It’s a short program that’ll take you 10-20 minutes a day
  • You will be able to lower and eradicate the chances of having heart disease and lower your blood pressure
  • Living stress free relief because the program minimizes the chances of having any blood pressure or heart disease concerns.
  • The program includes nutrition related information such as herbs, foods and supplements in order to combat this disease
  • Easy to follow steps to better your overall health
  • No chemicals are needed to ingest in order to see results
  • Affordable one time price of $49 and 100% money back guarantee

The Cons:

  • This is not an easy fix
  • The blood pressure issue could return after the program
  • You could continue to suffer from hypertension, stress, anxiety, stroke, and heart disease without any sort of treatment so why not try this program?
  • There could be other underlying issues of hypertension such as diabetes, immune diseases as well as other diseases so it is important to look at other options if this program is not for you
  • There is no guarantee of success for every individual but then again with every individual in any program, the results may and will vary. In this case, the pros outweigh the cons


Some clients have mentioned that the tape is relaxing, easy to use, that they have reached relaxation and lowered their high blood pressure but that consistency is the goal.

After learning about this program what do you think?

Will you put your health to the test and give this the consistency it demands in order to lower your blood pressure?

Isn’t your health the most important factor in having a balanced life?

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